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The New Sunrise Limited Edition Is Here! 

Inspired by rebirth, the limited edition Sunrise Results Journal symbolizes the start of your new journey—a journey filled with hope, health and prosperity!

Along with a gorgeous image of the sun splashing the sky with bright orange and joyful yellow, you’ll also notice a little bird on the cover and in various places throughout the Journal. This bird signifies our angels and ancestors—those guardians who watch over and protect us. The Journal reminds us that no matter how dark the nights of our soul get, we can always count on the fact that the sun will rise.

Let this edition be your rising, my friend. 🌅

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*** Please note that we have a limited number of the Sunrise Results Journals, and they’ll sell out quickly. Order yours today to ensure you get to experience this beautiful new cover! *** 


The Journal You Need to
Feel Your Best, Do Your Best, and Finally
Get the Results You Desire

kris carr results journal classic
Too often, your healthy habits and personal goals get squeezed out in the rush and stress of daily life. If you’re ready to supercharge your health, amplify your joy, and rock your dreams… The Results Journal is for you!

Create healthy habits—in just 10 minutes a day!
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4 Powerful Solutions to Boost Your Self-Care
and Focus Your Days

kris carr wellness tracker

Track Your Habits

Follow-through is essential for wellness—but it can be a challenge. You start the week with great intentions, then things get hectic. You’re focused on immediate tasks, so you deprioritize your workout, forget to refill your water glass, or opt for easy (but empty) meals.

You deserve a daily reminder to be good to your body.

Enter the wellness tracker! This holistic habit tool (built around my 5 Pillars of Wellness), is the follow-through buddy you never knew you needed but will be so glad you found. Each day, you’ll keep tabs on sleep, hydration, fruit & veggie intake, movement and more. In short, you’ll start paying attention to your habits—which is the first step toward improving them.

Results Journal Daily Pages

Manage Your Mindset

Let’s be honest. Half of your self-care hurdles come from inside. Worry about your health or the future, tension in an important relationship, doubt about whether you can actually achieve a goal. No matter how beautiful your day is, when anxious thoughts go unchecked, they’ll keep you from feeling your best and doing your best. But there’s good news…

You can guide yourself to more positive and empowering thoughts, sweetheart!

And it’s easier than you might expect. In just a few minutes a day, you’ll answer guided questions carefully curated to move you toward peace and joy (two of the highest vibrating emotions on the planet). You’ll process the hard stuff, celebrate life’s goodness, and reconnect with your own heart—the easy way.

Results Journal Big Sky Goals

Focus Your Effort

Confession time. I used to have a serious case of goal gluttony. There were so many beautiful things I wanted to achieve... in my life, in my health, in my relationships, in my work and in the world. But all that scattered focus led to a lot of doing (and exhaustion), but not a lot of results. 

You need less frenzy & more focus.

You’ll start your Results Journal by getting clear on one goal you’ll pursue this quarter (that’s right, just one). Say goodbye to overwhelm, friend! You’ll reconnect to that goal every day—and schedule a single step you’ll take to achieve it. By streamlining your focus, you’ll amplify your accomplishments.
Results Journal Quarterly Review

Celebrate Your Progress

Life is a gift. But it moves fast, doesn’t it? If you’re not careful, you sweep from week to week and from season to season without ever stopping to reflect. Just think about everything that’s happened to you in the past six months... Aren’t there some lessons you’d like to carry forward?

You deserve to pause & learn from your precious life. 

With weekly + quarterly review pages, you’ll have a built-in reminder to process your experiences. You’ll practice gratitude for life’s gifts, internalize key lessons and spot patterns you’d have otherwise missed. It’s the pause you need to be truly present to your life.
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The Results Journal makes it easy to form good habits 
and let go of the ones that no longer serve me.

suzanne t
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The Results Journal is a treasure chest that you create for your daily life.  
I feel more connected to my true heart and grateful mind

suzanne t
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I love my Results Journal, it keeps me focused and the magic happens 
behind the scenes!!! Thanks Kris Carr... for all your support 😍 Here is to many more victories along the way! Xxx

suzanne t


In Your First Week Using The Results Journal You’ll… 

nourish yourself icon

Nourish Yourself

move more icon

Move More

find focus icon

Find Focus

melt stress icon

Melt Stress

cultivate joy icon

Cultivate Joy

heart icon

And Finally Take Care of Yourself

In short, you’ll start each day happier and end each day healthier.
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The Results Journal has been a game-changer for me and my mindset. I love it so much! I was never a big journal person but now I really look forward to it. Repeating my goal and keeping it in mind daily has truly helped me to actually work on it! I'm working towards my goals with new energy and hope. It's really exciting!

kristin b
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I love your journal because it incorporates more than just gratitude. It’s like eating a balanced meal! Now I’m getting more work done, exercising more and eating less junk. I’ve lost 10 pounds and have more energy.

keith w
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I can't thank you enough for the Results journal! I have been stuck for years in overwhelming immediate to do's and never getting anywhere towards my big sky dreams… I have been using it for only over a week now but I'm already feeling like a new person with a new life! Your directions are easy to follow, you give loads of encouragement & research-based ideas for motivation, and each page is simple enough that I can easily fit following its action steps on a daily basis. The weekly review really gives me perspective & motivation to keep going. You have given me a new lease on life, a new reason to keep living, you have helped me tremendously when nothing else worked.

kristin b


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30% recycled paper

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296 pages

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includes 2 ribbon markers

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designed for one quarter (13 weeks, undated)

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Inspired design with unicorn accents

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Get Your New Favorite Self-Care Tool

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Gorgeous, limited edition Sunrise cover. 

Once this limited edition is sold out, it’s gone for good! 
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Single Blush

One 13-week Results Journal 
kris carr results journal class single

Annual Subscription

 Annual Blush Subscription
 Four 13-week Results Journals
Shipped automatically 4x per year
kris carr results journal subscription

$88 $103.96

Want the annual subscription to ship to an International address? Coming Soon. 
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kris carr results journal class single
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kris carr results journal class single


Order Now & You’ll Receive This Juicy Bonus Support!

wellness support bonus
4 Weeks of Wellness Support
Get weekly coaching emails from me and my team to guide you through your first month of using your new Results Journal. We’ll share our favorite self-care tips and help you stay motivated to achieve your goals!


Here’s what you get when you order now!

Your 13-week Results Journal 
BONUS: 4 Weeks of Wellness Support 
$25.99 Value
$29 Value
Total Value  =  $54.99
Available NOW for Just  $25.99!

Try the Journal That’s Helped Thousands 
of People Create Healthy Habits

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As a nurse and a cancer thriver I have a busy life and don’t often take time for self reflection. The Results Journal helps me focus on my own self and my health instead of everyone else’s needs. Now I sleep 8 hours a night, I exercise more frequently and I am prioritizing myself more. This can help you change your life!

sonja w
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I purchased The Results Journal because I’m new to journaling and thought it would be a great way to get started. Now I’m less overwhelmed and stressed, I’m focusing on what’s most important to me and am feeling better as I track my wellness. I feel uplifted every day. It’s been a game changer!

emily c
hello gorgeous

It's Me, Kris Carr...


kris carr
Seventeen years ago, I was way too busy for self-care—just like you may be now. 

I was turned outward, fostering relationships and focused on my career, but totally neglecting myself. At that time, my idea of nutrition meant not visiting the same drive-thru fast food restaurant twice in one day! 

Getting diagnosed with a rare, incurable Stage IV cancer stopped me in my tracks.

When I got sick and learned there were no treatment options available, I turned the beat around and made one of the best decisions of my life. I vowed to take care of myself. 

For the first time, I was forced to turn inward. To nurture myself with the same devotion I’d offered to others. A daily journaling practice got me through (and continues to guide me). 

I started processing all my fears on paper, scribbling my way toward some peace in tough times—and remembering who I am beyond my diagnosis.

I found a sense of purpose by pursuing a single goal each day.

And I started hand-drawing a wellness tracker on napkins or blank pages each week so I could keep an eye on the daily habits that would move me toward vitality.

I’ve bound up those hand-drawn pages in The Results Journal—my custom tool to move us all toward purpose and well-being, one day at a time.
After using it for eighteen years, I can honestly say it’s changed my life. 

Not only am I still thriving—physically and emotionally—even with cancer, but I’ve grown into a stronger and deeper version of myself which has left me with more to offer the world. 

That flourishing has taken me to some extraordinary places, from becoming a New York Times bestselling author of multiple books to appearing on Good Morning America, The Today Show, the CBS Evening News, Super Soul Sunday and The Oprah Winfrey Show. And more importantly, to finding true love and healing the relationships that matter most, including the one with myself. 

But here’s the truth: None of that would have happened if I hadn’t made self-care a daily practice.

The same is true for you. When you make space for healthy habits, your whole life will begin to bloom.

Get started today with the self-care system that started on a napkin 18 years ago—and has since helped me and thousands of others thrive.

See how 10 minutes of daily Results Journaling can make you healthier & happier.
xo kris carr

The Results Journal is a roadmap for self-care. 
It keeps everything in one place so I can get more accomplished—I love the prompts and the wellness tracker. Before starting the journal my days were unorganized and I was unfocused. Now I’m eating more fruits and vegetables, tracking my sleep and making more time for play. I lost 15 pounds!

I want to let you know that your journals have been life-changing for me. They have helped me to improve my health, get more focused on my goals and to think about being mindful and grateful every day. I love the way your journals are set up in three month increments. Thank you so much.

When my husband asks why this postpartum period has been so different from the others… it’s thanks to The Results Journal, my postpartum secret. Even 10 minutes a day to center before the chaos, prioritize my self-care—body, mind, and soul—is making all the difference to the 3 little humans in my life.

I have loved this journal from @crazysexykris for the last 4 months for not only the guided reflections each day but the opportunity it provides me to sit with my own thoughts, feelings, and goals, and the ability to recommit Every. Single. Day. 🙏 This is my sacred time.


Welcome to the daily wellness you've always wanted!


There are SO many journals out there… what’s different about this one?

If you’re wondering what you could possibly do with another journal, I get it! But before you stop reading, here are the two things you need to know.

First, The Results Journal is specifically designed to support your self-care. It helps you create and track simple, daily wellness habits so that you stay accountable to yourself. And it helps you cultivate your mindset so that tough emotions don’t sap your energy or distract from your priorities. In short, it helps you take simple steps toward a healthier body and happier mind.

Second, it helps you focus your efforts. Instead of being overwhelmed by a dozen different goals, you get to direct all your energy toward just one. And you get to come back to that goal every day with an eye toward a simple next action. That focus is a game-changer!

This is the exact method I used to keep up with my wellness habits while reaching some major goals, like becoming a homeowner and a multiple New York Times bestselling author. I used to draw the various sections on blank paper each day, but now I’ve bound up all that goodness in a beautiful journal to help you and me feel our best & do our best, every day. It’s the consistent practice of taking simple steps forward each day that helps us finally get the results we crave.

This isn’t just a journal. It’s a guided journey toward the results you’ve been craving.

Is this journal for me?

The Results Journal is for you if you find that your wellness habits or greatest goals are getting crowded out by the busyness of life. It’s a streamlined system to help you finally create consistent results in the areas that too often get squeezed out. In short, it’s the follow-through buddy you’ve always wanted.

Even if you’ve never journaled before, the simple, guided questions make it easy to...
- Start each day with more joy and focus
- Move through each day with healthier habits
- End each day with a sense of momentum toward your goals

The Results Journal is also for you if you have the best intentions but have had trouble sticking to them in the past. With just 10 minutes a day, you’ll find yourself finally moving forward and making progress toward your most enticing goals as you use the daily pages, wellness tracker, and quarterly review to stay on track.

Does the journal have set dates? When can I start?

The Results Journal is undated, which means you can start at any time—no more waiting around for the first of the month. The day you get it is the day you should begin. :) 

How long does it last?

Each Results Journal is designed to cover 3 months (or 13 weeks). That means a whole quarter worth of goal-achievement prompts and healthy habit trackers are waiting for you in each copy. 

What if I’d like to track my progress for a full year?

If you’re excited to make THIS the year you finally reach your biggest goals and get the results you desire, feel free to order four Results Journals so you’re set for a full year. You’ll save on shipping costs and know that you can keep your momentum strong through all seasons! 

I’m excited! When will I receive my first journal?

Your journal will ship within 24 hours (business days only. We’ll send you an email to let you know when your copy is on the way. Shipping times vary based on your location and selected shipping method. You can review all shipping options and dates at checkout so you know exactly what to expect! 

Please note that shipping expenses cannot be refunded or credited. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your shipment reaches you successfully the first time: Double check your address, include a working telephone number, pay attention to your tracking information, and leave a note for the shipper if you won’t be there to receive it.

Can I send the Results Journal as a gift?

Absolutely! Thanks for supporting the Results of the people you love. If you’d like to gift someone with a Results Journal, simply create a separate order for each delivery to a different address.

How much is shipping?

Domestic shipping within the United States is just $5.95 per shipment!
If you live outside the U.S., your shipping cost will depend on your location and will be calculated at checkout.

Please note that shipping expenses cannot be refunded or credited. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your shipment reaches you successfully the first time: Double check your address, include a working telephone number, pay attention to your tracking information, and leave a note for the shipper if you won’t be there to receive it.

What if I decide the Results Journal isn’t for me?

We hope you’ll love your new Results Journal! But if it’s not a fit for you, you can absolutely get a refund!

Just return your unused and undamaged journal within 14 days of receipt of your shipment, and you’ll receive a full refund (less shipping costs). If your order was damaged in shipping, we’ll make it right! Please just contact us at [email protected] for return and replacement instructions.
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