Your Cancer Guide - $147.00

Your roadmap bundle includes...

  • The Entire 7-Step Plan to Navigate Cancer (Including 21 Powerful Audio Interviews and Video Coaching Sessions)
  • 8 Guided Meditations to Soothe Your Mind
  • My Complete Cancer Guidebook
  • ​10 Steps to Take After You’ve Been Diagnosed Checklist
  • ​Cancer Therapies eBook
  • ​Cancer Kitchen Recipe Pack
  • ​PLUS a 100% Money-Back Guarantee 

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Patient Success Starter Kit - ONLY $29: Being prepared to advocate for yourself or a loved one after a cancer diagnosis means you need to stay organized. A patient binder is key for holding all your scans, reports, appointment notes, medication lists, questions for your doctor, and more. This starter kit has everything you need to set up your own binder (whether a printed binder or a digital binder) along with handy checklists and tips from Kris’ mom (aka our MVP of patient advocacy). She helped us curate this toolkit to help you navigate doctors’ appointments and hospital stays confidently and get the best possible care. Check the box to add one to your order now!

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