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How to Build a Thriving Business without Burning Out
 (Even If You’re Starting from Scratch!)
My top 10 proven systems and strategies for overcoming the mistakes most entrepreneurs make so you can start or grow the profitable business of your dreams. 
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In this ebook


1. What to Focus on in the Morning

Finally get clear on your priorities so you can focus on the work that actually impacts your bottom line (and sideline the tasks that don’t!).

2. How to Create Your Ideal Week

Design your ideal work day and week to maximize productivity and get the job done without running yourself into the ground.

3. Why Integrating and Prioritizing Self-Care Is Key to Your Success

Make self-care part of your business plan so you can thrive with your passion, not in spite of it.

4. Strategies for Identifying and Attracting Your Target Customers

Grow your audience and customer base without breaking your back OR the bank by understanding what they really want and need.

5. How to Unblock What’s Holding You Back 

Overcome fear of failure and rejection so you can realize your full potential and scale up to the business you’ve always dreamed of.
"Kris gave me the tools I needed to build this business and make it successful. I’m so grateful."
—Carly Clark Zimmer, LMT
"Kris gave me my confidence back! Her honesty, evolving business strategy and consistency helped me to adopt a new way of being. My business isn’t just something I do; it is who I am."
—Tracie Braylock
You’ve had a business idea for a while, but the fear of failure, rejection and even success are keeping you from making a move.
You know you need to market your business online, but aren’t sure where to start with stuff like list building, social media and email nurturing (or you’re doing it and not seeing results).
You’re constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions, so you need help setting priorities and goals that will actually move the needle on your success (and create more balance in your personal life). 
You’re confused or concerned about the financial health of your company because you don’t know which metrics to focus on, or often end up spending more than you earn. 
This is everything I wish I knew before I started my own business.
Running your own business isn’t for the faint of heart… I know because I’ve been doing it for more than 15 years! Finances, marketing, creating new products—you have to balance it all and still find a way to make time for the rest of your life. But despite what you might have heard (or experienced for yourself!), entrepreneurship doesn’t have to put you on a never-ending hamster wheel of exhaustion and overwhelm. 

There were plenty of speed bumps along the way, but I can now say I’ve cracked the code for building a business without burning out. Now it’s your turn to transform those big dreams into a beautiful reality. My new ebook holds the 10 keys for avoiding common traps so you can be successful without compromising the life you love. Get it today to jumpstart your journey!

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