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Renew Your Body and Mind with a Simple Self-Care Activity Each Day! 

Happening LIVE May 6–May 13, 2020

This challenge will take place in a private Facebook group and via a daily email for one week only! Together, we’ll take a small but powerful step each day to build up healthy habits so we can feel refreshed and renewed. It’s completely FREE and available for one week only. Won’t you join us?
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If You’ve Been Feeling Tired and Uninspired, 

The uncertainty of this season has left so many of us a bit anxious, struggling to get restful sleep, mindlessly snacking and lacking the motivation to really nurture ourselves. We need a reset, sweetheart! 

That’s why me and my Inner Circle Wellness team are bringing you a free, weeklong challenge. We hope it’ll be a breath of fresh air—a daily reminder to pause and nurture your sweet self!

In the 7 Day Self-Care Challenge you will…

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Boost your energy level (and set yourself up for a better night’s sleep!).
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Nourish and hydrate your body—so you start feeling better fast.
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Enjoy movement that feels refreshing, not restricting.
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Learn a simple practice to manage stress and cultivate peace-of-mind.
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And you’ll do it all with daily micro-actions you can apply in 15 minutes or less!
We’re going to jump into a private Facebook group for seven days and do wellness together. My team and I will offer you daily challenges paired with questions for reflection and encouraging affirmations to help you FEEL BETTER and build up your healthy habits. Plus, we’ll be cheering each other on every day! (If you aren’t on Facebook, no worries! You’ll still receive our daily challenge emails.)
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You might know me as a cancer thriver, wellness activist and multiple New York Times best-selling author.

But just like you, I need support and motivation to maintain my healthy habits.  

So often, we get stuck on self-care because we feel like we have to do “all the things." Nope. I want to show you a less but better approach. One that allows you to take one quick, powerful step toward wellness each day—and do it with a supportive community cheering you on! 

So let’s do wellness together for a week and make it fun. If you take this journey with us, I guarantee you’ll be feeling better faster than you think!

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YES, It’s Totally FREE! 

Compliments of my lovely Inner Circle Wellness team.

Come get the support and simple daily prompts you need to FINALLY practice consistent self-care. Join the free, weeklong journey now! 

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